A truly inspiring natural experience!!!

Ara Manzanillo
Great Green Macaw Reintroduction Project

This project was initiated in 2010 in order to establish a self-sustainable population of these magnificent macaws in our area.

The macaws at this sanctuary are birds born in captivity who were released more than 5 years ago as well as juveniles born in the wild from our nesting program. They are wild animals and very sensitive to human behavior.

For the safety of all please keep human impact to a minimum.

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. The trill of these birds is one of the loudest sounds of the entire bird kingdom, however, they are very sensitive to the human voice. Please keep your voices low.
  2. Please do not run, make abrupt movements or use camera flash.
  3. Dogs or any other pet are not allowed.
  4. Sometimes the macaws will land on the ground to search for. stones or fallen food. Do not feed or interact with them.
  5. Many creatures live in the tropical rainforest. Watch your step and where you place your hands.
  6. Parents: these birds might look friendly but they have very powerful jaws and sharp beaks and claws that can inflict serious harm very quickly. Keep children under very close supervision and make sure they understand these guidelines.
  7. Please respect and follow the instructions of your Guide.

Muchas gracias and enjoy your visit!!!