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January 22, 2022
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April 26, 2022

My time as a Volunteer at Ara Manzanillo was amazing and I´m very sure that I will come back someday! In just 4 weeks, I learned so many new things – both personally and also expertise about animals and Nature. My comfort zone was challenged in many ways and I am so proud that I grew beyond myself. Some things that I learned during my stay at Ara Manzanillo: Creative spontaneous cooking * Public Speaking from guiding the tourist visitors at Ara Manzanillo * Tree Climbing to 30m high * Dealing with insects despite a small phobia * Last but not least, Tico Time! It is absolutely okay not to always to be right on time. To all German volunteers: Relax and PURA VIDA! 😉

Back home in Germany, as I write this, I miss the jungle so much. I miss waking up in the morning to the sounds of the howler monkeys and the Great Greens and falling asleep in the evening to the chirping of the crickets. I miss the jungle sounds at night and thinking about what animal is sneaking past the house right now. I miss my coffee in the morning hours up on the view point surrounding by the Great Greens and other wildlife. And most of all, I miss the Great Greens themselves – their colors and their personalities, especially the impatient and curious ones. The Great Greens always gave me the feeling of happiness and safety in the jungle. I have never felt so connected to Nature as I did at this place. Thankyou Emily, Enrique and Duaro for this unforgettable time and taking care of the volunteers. It felt like a little jungle family with you and the parrots! I will be back someday, I promise! 😊

P.S. What I don’t miss: The hikes up the hill. 😉