A truly inspiring natural experience!!!

Ara Manzanillo
Great Green Macaw Reintroduction Station

The Manzanillo fieldstation is located in a primary tropical rainforest at almost 100 m above sea level. The tour takes you to our lookout point with spectacular views of the forest and the sea. At the lookout point you will see the stunning Great Green Macaws, once again flying free in the Caribbean lowland forest, their natural habitat. As you watch this spectacular natural wonder, your guide will provide you with information about the project and is happy to answer any questions.

Our release site not only provides a protected habitat for the Great Green Macaws but also a plethora of other wildlife. Three species of Toucan are seen almost daily, as well as monkeys, sloths, frogs, reptiles and a whole host of other bird life. If you are really lucky you might catch a glimpse of the unique Tayra, the elusive Jaguarondi or even the magnificent Puma.

This tour is a truly inspiring natural experience, a must see for any nature enthusiast visiting the Puerto Viejo area.

How to get to Ara Manzanillo

For information on how to get to the station, please refer to Ara Manzanillo on Google Maps, and use the helpful directions below the map. Or search our GPS coordinates in Google Mapas: 9°62'60.01"N, 82°68'47.17"W.

Take the coastal road 256 from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Limon province towards Manzanillo. At 12 km from Puerto Viejo you will see a sign, "Ara," on your right. Turn right and follow the signs, through our gate and up to left where the road becomes very steep, yet it is in good condition and does not require a 4x4 vehicle. Please park at Visitor parking up at the site. You can leave bicycles parked at base of the hill and walk up 1 kilometer.


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