Making the Most of Breeding Season

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March 6, 2018
Volunteer Blog: Jacob
January 25, 2020

Our staff and volunteers at the Manzanillo station for the reintroduction of Great Green macaws on the southern Caribbean are working hard to make the most of this years breeding season.

Duaro and Mario have set up 15 nest boxes high up on mountain almendro trees (dipteryx panamensis). This is no easy task; the nests are strategically spread out over a 75 hectare tropical rainforest territory; these nests are made from adapted 55 gallon drums that have to be securely installed about 30 meters up in the tree.


To date, the reintroduced Great Greens are breeding in 8 of the nest boxes.

We are very enthusiastic about the progress of the nesting program so far, yet these first-time parents still have many challenges ahead of them before their young chicks fledge the nests and join the rest of the free flying flock. Besides overcoming their own parenting inexperience, the young couples also have to fend off predators such as toucans and monkeys that love to eat their juicy eggs, as well as stormy weather and other challenges of Mother Nature - truly a quest of survival of the fittest! Stay tuned for the upcoming progress reports.