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February 19, 2024
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April 9, 2024

Panama Wildlife Conservation Partnership

Duaro Mayorga, Ara Manzanillo’s bird specialist, visited Azuero, Panama in October 2023 to provide continued technical support to the Panama Wildlife Conservation (PWC) field staff for their Great Green Macaw (GGM) conservation program.

Duaro presented our outreach project goals to the prospective PWC caretakers, laying the foundation of its importance for GGM protection. Tree climbing safety practices followed with techniques on how to conduct macaw nests checks, nest box monitoring protocol, and emphasized the rule of thumb when interacting with the species –the less contact, the better.

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Duaro also accompanied PWC participate in the Panama Bird Festival. Ara Manzanillo shared lessons and our experience of how vital the local community support is for GGM conservation. Engaging local leaders and communities through outreach and educational activities enhances the PWC GGM project mission in fun interactive ways.

Initiating any conservation project comes with great challenges and Ara Manzanillo is enthusiastic about the exchange partnership carried out over the past year. The PWC team has demonstrated steadfast dedication to protect GGMs, by identifying movements, nesting habits, and most importantly, involve the local communities.