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February 22, 2022
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February 8, 2024

Someone once said, the toughest part about traveling is actually leaving.

Today a new chapter of my life is over and what a chapter ! I was living and volunteering in the jungle for one and a half months in order to protect and conservate the Great Green Macaws.

Words ain’t enough to describe how much I’ve learnt during my stay. My knowledge about parrots, wildlife, conservation and reintroduction has burst out obviously but first and foremost I’ve learnt about myself, about life and about people. I would be able to write for hours about all this, that would be useless though. Instead, I just wanna express my deepest gratitude to the people with whom I’ve shared this experience, to those amazingly smart, social and sensitive birds that are the Great Green Macaws, to the jungle and to @aramanzanillo for offering me this opportunity.

Gracias por todo, gracias a todos y a los Lapas